Overcome Solar Challenges in 2024: Expert Guidance in FL & TX

Renewable energy is gaining attention worldwide, and solar power is a leading solution in sunny states like Florida and Texas. Despite its advantages, many homeowners and businesses hesitate to adopt solar energy due to various concerns. At Affordable Solar, Roof, & Air, we’re dedicated to easing these challenges and ensuring a smooth transition to solar, […]

What is Net Metering?

How net metering supports renewable energy growth in Florida and Texas.

I. Introduction Net energy metering (NEM) is a billing arrangement that allows individuals and businesses with solar panels or other renewable energy systems to send excess electricity back to the grid and receive credits on their utility bills. This means that during times when the renewable energy system generates more electricity than the user needs, […]

Will Solar Cause my roof to leak?

One of the biggest reasons people go solar is to save money but we all know if it going solar causes your roof to leak, you might end up spending more than you save! So what causes roof leaks and how can you go solar with the peace of mind knowing yours will still be […]