Will Solar Cause my roof to leak?

One of the biggest reasons people go solar is to save money but we all know if it going solar causes your roof to leak, you might end up spending more than you save! So what causes roof leaks and how can you go solar with the peace of mind knowing yours will still be in great condition after?

The cause of roof leaks when installing a solar project usually comes down to 1 of 3 things, your current roof condition, your racking system used to attached the panels to the roof, or your quality of your crew installing your system. Lucky for you, Natural Energy can assure you’ll be getting the highest quality installation the market offers!

If your roof is in bad condition, such as molding, missing shingles, or compromised trusses, you may want to consider taking advantage of financing a new roof with your solar system so you can take advantage of the 26% tax credit on both your solar system and new roof! We always make sure to do a full site survey before installing solar on your roof to prevent running into any leaks due to poor roof quality.

When installing on the roof we only use the highest quality racking system to ensure your roof does not leak. For example, we will use the unirac racking system on shingle roofs. This provides 3 layers of sealant to make sure your roof stays dry where we attach the panels. The rack is airtight sealed against to roof to make sure not even air can get it in, after that we seal it off with a layer of sealant around the rack and inside the screw to make sure it doesn’t leak.

Most importantly, you want make sure you are using a profession and well established construction firm when installing your system. If they go out and guess where the trusses are without a stud finder or do lazy work on the roof, you could end up with holes all over the place. The best way to do this is to make sure your crew is using stud finders to find the trusses so they do not miss when drilling holes. Natural Energy is a subsidiary of Turnkey Construction Management, which has been in business for 15 years has done over 75 million in construction projects to date so you won’t have to worry about inexperienced crews guessing at how to install properly on something as valuable as your roof. We only send out our best crews for our residential clients.